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Mental Health Impacts Everyone

Stay Alive Documentary

Listen to Stay Alive Presenter Kevin Hines on the Adam Carolla podcast - coming early August

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Stay Alive An Intimate Conversation About Suicide Prevention
Mark Goulston


Suicide Prevention Expert

Prominent psychiatrist and author, Mark's book, Just Listen, ranked #1 in six Amazon/Kindle categories. Originally a UCLA professor and former FBI hostage negociator, Mark's expertise has been proven in real-life, high stakes situations. Learn More

Kevin Hines: Suicide Survivor


Suicide Survivor

Kevin Hines is a suicide attempt survivor and suicide prevention speaker. After having survived jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge in 2000, Kevin has become a best selling author and documentary director.

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Rayko: Suice Prevention Advocate


Suicide Prevention Advocate

Rayko is the vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, and leader of the band Lolita Dark. Rayko offers her support as a suicide prevention advocate.

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An Intimate Video Conversation About Suicide Prevention 


Suicide has become an Epidemic: The US suicide rate has jumped some 30% from 2000 to 2016, according to the Centers For Disease Control. The reasons are complex: Family fragmentation, social media overexposure, political polarization, opioids, and other life stressors all play a part. Stay Alive was developed in recognition of the challenges of traditional institutions in addressing all those in need of suicide prevention and care.



Stay Alive is a 75-minute video/podcast documentary serving at-risk populations. The program’s two sections – Understanding and Helping, deliver messages of Education, Compassion and Caring for those who are in deep despair, along with Guidance for their families and friends who love them. Stay Alive is recommended for individuals, families, schools, communities, social services, and churches – anywhere there is a need.



Stay Alive’s message centers around the process of moving from Despair, as in being seemingly unpaired with connection and a reason to live – feeling Hopeless, Helpless,  Powerless, Useless,  Worthless, Purposeless, Meaningless, Pointless – to Repairing. The Presenters’ profound personal disclosures and proven approaches make this program uniquely valuable and unlike any other you may have ever seen. 

Stay Alive Suicide Prevention Music Video – Featuring Rayko & Robert Biehn 

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